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The firm’s longevity is attributed to matching the technical skills and expertise of larger firms, while continuing to operate in a culture dedicated to meeting the needs of each client through personalized attention.

Financial Advisory & Underwriting
SCM investment banking services help identify and obtain the capital necessary for projects that are vital to the economic future of communities. Whether accommodating growth or executing strategic plans, the firm works with public entities to fund the improvement and construction of schools, housing, roads, hospitals, utility and water lines as well as other key infrastructure components.

SCM has significant public finance experience with local and state governments, agencies, districts and authorities utilizing a variety of transactions and debt instruments.

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Brokerage & Sales
The firm’s institutional services provide access to the resources needed by institutional investors to make and implement effective management decisions. SCM offers a broad range of choices regarding securities and trade execution options, which clients can incorporate into their individual investment approach.

SCM has assisted local and state entities, plan sponsors and investment managers with an array of fixed income and equity investment solutions.

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